Insomnia gaming festival went down with an XITE!

ight now there are two Insomnia Gaming Festivals every year, during the Easter Bank Holiday weekend and the August Bank Holiday weekend.

The show is filled with exhibitions from game companies, merchandise stalls, and stages for shows throughout the day. In recent years YouTubers and other famous faces have started attending. At i62 there was a $200,000 Call of Duty World League tournament. But this part of the show is only open from 10am-6pm.

In the BYOC LAN area, there’s a festival atmosphere 24 hours a day for the entirety of the event, because one of the other giant halls at the NEC is booked out just for the ‘BYOCers’ camping there.

People stay at the venue for the entire long weekend, play games for as long as they want, go to sleep, and get straight back to gaming in the morning.

XITE Energy

The stand was packed from 9-6 with thousands of people queuing to beat our driver @oliverbennett on the motion 3d simulator rig!

The drink nootropic focus energy drink of XITE Energy went down a storm helping gamers focus throughout the weekend!

Over 2000 cans were sole per day and the gaming community spoke loudly about the new drink on the block for the gaming community!