If you’re planning to do most of World RX, which rounds do you expect to miss?

We are putting a campaign together to do all of the European based WRX rounds, with the addition of USA, Texas.

We are pushing a sponsorship campain post autosport to see if we can acquire the remaining funds to compete full time in the WRX for 2018.

The 6 events we are committed too already are my favourite picks! UK, Sweden, France, Norway, Spain and the USA!


Are you planning to do any British RX events?

Yes we will do the first event at silverstone as a test event for the WRX. We will also do some selected rounds depending what the outcome is for the olsberg fiesta.


Whats the new car?

The new car is a Mini Cooper S, built from the ground up by Simpsons motorsport local too us in Lydney and who run is in the British RX. They have been fundamental in the build, and at stages I thought it was just too big a mountain to climb they managed to overcome some serious time hurdles!


Whose building/developing it?

The car is looking to be very competitive WRX car due to its development history. We have partnered with LD motorsport to help with the basis development of the chassis and car with Liam Dorans vast experience and knowledge in WRX.

When we put Liam Doran in a room with Julian Smith who owns and manages Simpson motorsport we could see something very special developing. The mix of vast years of circuit racing experience and LD’s rallycross experience is looking to have lead to the outcome of a very impressive RX car with both sides gaining vast leaps with combined input!

Why have you chosen this car?

Firstly the car is British, and we initially wanted to put an all British team together.

Secondly because of our own media creation appetite and the mini coopers demographic being aligned with our branding we thought it was a perfect fit.

Little did we know the chassis base was even more of a perfect fit than we could have imagined. I guess this was a hint of luck more than judgement!


What stage is the car at?

The car is currently on the dry build stage, at which once assembled it will be dismantled for painting then final assembly.

We hope to be testing mid March once the last components arrive!


What do you think will be the biggest challenges for you in 2018?

Seat time, Testing time and lack of track data. These will be the biggest hurdles going into the WRX scene. We are confident the car has what it takes, but setup time will be a barrier alongside my own personal learning curve to be done on the tracks themselves! Being a one car team makes this slightly harder with only my data to look at! But we are in a good position to be the best we can be and with the car we have it could be a surprising year for everyone! Anything can happen if we get to that first corner first!


How do you feel you have progressed as a driver?

I came on no end from my first race! One encouraging outcome from this year was overtime I drove I got faster, to the point it was then a case of how much faster could I be than everyone else with the pace truly showing itself in the final rounds as I became very comfortable with the car and strategy.

We are going to have a big hill to climb in 2018 and thats no unknown. What we do know is the car will be competitive, we will bring the best we can and we will make sure us and everyone involved in the process has the best time possible from sponsors to friends and rallycross fans.

XITE is hoping to bring a new form of XITE’ment and exposure to rallycross that I think in a short year period in the BRX we have done just that!


Have you sold the fiesta?

The fiesta is being kept in reserve, we are likely to use it for some British rounds and havnt advertised the fact that we would be up for renting it in ERX alongside us if anyone was interested!