Hi my name is Jordan AKA Asylum General, I’m the founder of The Asylum Project Clan.
On the 24th August 2017 just 5 months ago I was sat in my front room playing Call Of Duty on my Xbox One, I remember being frustrated at the fact that I had nobody to play with or communicate with. At this point The Asylum Project was created to offer gamers a fun and dynamic gaming community in which to play.

What started out as just a pipe dream idea, soon started growing at a fast rate and we got to 10 members in about 3 weeks.

It was at this point that I started to believe that I could turn this little clan into a big community.

We started to focus heavily on recruitment and getting our social media recognised and before we knew it we reached 1000 likes.

Fast forward to now and we have nearly 6000 followers on our Facebook page and 35 members in our community. To add to that, we have 2 sponsors. CBKO Controllers and Xite Energy.

We are so excited to be affiliated with two great teams and we are ready to reach for the stars.

What are we hoping for in 2018?

I’d love for us to be able to reach 15000 likes/followers by the end of this year and have a community of around 80.
We compete in EGL(European Gaming League) on Call Of Duty and I would like to have 10 tournament wins.

We always have so much going on at The Asylum Project so why not pop over to our Facebook page to see for yourself and check out all of the videos and images that our clan members upload on a daily basis.

Want to join Asylum? Send us a message and one of our officers with start the process to get you enrolled.

We do have a youth and adult section in our clan so any age player is welcome in our community. The only requirement we have is that you need to have a headset with a microphone do that you are able to speak to everyone.